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Peak (Click Here for Many More Photos of Peak Roofs)


The "Peak" Roof is our most popular model and provides the most headroom at the lowest point while keeping the overall outside height down to a minimum. This design will give you more cubic feet inside for storage which also makes it more versatile for door and window placement due to the tall eave walls. This style building is best suited for general and tall storage, potting sheds, workshops, guard shacks and ticket booths. Double doors and ramps can be placed on any of the walls for pulling in your lawn tractors, motorcycles, A.T.V.s, trailers, and golf carts.

Woodcutter (Click Here for More Photos of Woodcutter Roofs)

Our Woodcutter style roof allows doors to be placed on the front taller wall, but the back of the shed is a foot shorter to help keep it neighbor friendly.

Gambrel & Tall Gambrel
(Click Here for Many More Photos of Gambrel Roofs)

Garden Storage Shed - Gambrel Sheds

The "Gambrel" style roof is aesthetically pleasing to the country folks who want a building that will fit in with the equestrian lifestyle. The Gambrel is great for general storage, tack rooms, hay storage and has even been customized and used for chicken coops and a dry shelter for a cow. Add windows, shelves, and doors where you creative!
If overall height isn't an issue where you live, then the 'Tall Gambrel' is designed for upper shelves which allows even more storage. This model features your choice of 6' or 7' tall sidewall panels, a Skylite/Vent and 2 Wall Vents...all included in the price!

Shed Roof
(Click Here for Many More Photos of Shed Roofs)

Wooden Storage Shed - Shed Roof Style

The "Shed Roof" works well for a shed that you would like to add a 4' to 8' wide overhang to for outside storage. Also works well for a shed that needs to be against an existing structure or a fence line. This style is often custom built in small narrow sizes that are only 6' to 7' Overall Height for basic storage needs.

The "Bonanza", "Western" and "Ponderosa"
are our own special designs for those of you who want to bring a bit of country to your back yard no matter where you live.


Bonanza (Click Here for Many More Photos of Bonanza Roofs)

Shed Roof Style - Bonanza Packages

The Bonanza Roof Style has a 4' Covered Porch with a deck, on the Peak Roof Style Shed. For added features we can build hand rails and install windows if you wish.

Western (Click Here for Many More Photos of Western Roofs)
  Shed Roof Designs - Western Packages

The Western comes with a 4' covered porch, deck, and a western facade that turns an ordinary shed into an old looking bunkhouse, barn or saloon. Call for price quote.

Ponderosa (Click Here for Many More Photos of Ponderosa Roofs)
Shed Roof Plans - Ponderosa Roof Style
If you don't want an ordinary looking shed in your backyard, our Ponderosa Roof Style can offer you the look of an old western livery stable.

The Truss Package has 6 distinct features. (Click Here for Many More Photos of Truss Roofs)Shed Roof Truss - Trusses Package
  A building with the Truss Package is the big grand daddy of all sheds. The uses are only limited to your imagination. This style is built like no other and the differences are: (1) Floor joists are placed 12" on center (2) Wall studs are placed 16" on center. (3) Roof overhang is 16" & 8" on eaves and gables respectively; (4) Engineered trusses are used and fastened with "Hurricane Clips". (5) The roof is built at a 4:12 pitch. This is steeper than any other stock roof. (6) All walls have a standard height of 7'- 8". You can also add a covered porch to this style too!

We can SHEDucate™ You!

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